The Dos and Don’ts of Keeping your Car Wraps Brand New

Have you chosen the right vinyl vehicle wrap for your favorite ride? If you have, then you probably want to keep it as new as possible. Vinyl wraps play an important role in making your car stand out from the rest of the cars on the road and keeping its resale value. To get the most out of your investment, follow these dos and don’ts on keeping your vinyl wrap brand new.


  • Hand wash your vinyl wraps with a mild detergent and clean water. Avoid pressure washing your vehicle to keep the wrap from lifting around the edges and degrading the face film. Once that happens, losing luster, fading and cracking of the graphics are inevitable.
  • Test your cleaning solution before applying. Apply your chosen cleaning solution on a small portion of your vinyl graphic before using. Even products designed to wash vehicles can have a damaging effect. Use products that are easy on the vinyl and the environment.
  • Always read the warning labels. For proper safety instructions, always read the labels. Keep in mind that each and every product has its own pros and cons. By being informed, you can avoid any damaging effects on your graphics.
  • Wash your car from the top down. This allows dirt and other contaminants to run off the vinyl. A standard garden hose and nozzle, mild soap, microfiber sponges or cloths are all you need to wash down your vehicle.
  • Let the vehicle air dry. If time allows, let your vehicle air dry. Otherwise, use a microfiber cloth to be sure your car is clean. Also, make sure you don’t lift the edges or scratch the graphics.


  • Don’t let corrosive substances to stay in contact with vinyl. Be sure to clean all spills as soon as possible. If traditional cleaning procedures do not work, try spot cleaning with a microfiber towel soaked with isopropyl alcohol or a citrus-based solution.
  • Don’t use mechanical brush. Brushes can cause your vinyl graphics to chip or peel. They can also cause fading and dulling over the laminate. As much as possible, avoid pressure cleaning unless all other methods are exhausted.
  • Don’t leave it dirty for extended periods of time. Wash your vehicle regularly. Make sure that bird droppings, fuel spills and other difficult stains do not stay on your wrap for a long time. They only makes it more difficult to clean the wraps.
  • Don’t use any type of wax. Whether its polish, matte or carbon fiber, do not use it over your vinyl graphics. For added protection opt for silicone or Teflon-based coating as they are specifically designed for vinyl car graphics.

Following these guidelines will help extend the life of your vinyl car wraps. However just like with other signs and cars, they will eventually wear out. The benefit of wrapping your car is that it protects the original paint and makes a re-workable surface to replace the wrap. To make sure that all of these are possible, you need to know the proper practices of keeping your car wraps brand new.