The Six Secrets to Cool Car Wraps

Vehicle wraps have been growing in popularity for the past decade. Many car enthusiasts and business owners use them to attract attention and increase their marketing reach. As a result, many print shops are trying to offer car wraps to their customers. However, these marketing tools are not like business cards or flyers. They require more than just the printing press to do the work. Specific knowledge, skill and experience are required to create cool car wraps.

The success of a car wrap relies on not only one factor but six:

  • Car wrap design. As a designer, you must have extensive experience and the right tools to create a vehicle wrap graphics. The best vehicle templates and software can help you make a design that will fit a specific vehicle properly. You must take every angle, space and curve of the vehicle to creative better results. Keep in mind that unlike a business card, a car is not flat. Images and texts can get distorted if you ignore these elements.
  • Vinyl graphics for cars is commonly used in wraps. Top brands have been around for years and offer high quality materials. You can have the best design but without high quality materials, the car wrap will not last.
  • Let’s say you have created the perfect design and chosen the best material. Now is the time to print it on vinyl. There are specific codes that tell the printer how much ink to lay for the best results. Find a printer that do not use one profile for all media. Or else, your design won’t look right.
  • This is the most time-consuming part of the process. The installer will go over every inch of the car’s surface to make sure they are 100% clean and wax free. Remember that the smallest dirt could cause the adhesive to fall and lift off the surface. Since this takes time, nothing should be overlooked.
  • As a designer, you may work at home or at your office. But, the car wrap facility is where the actual installation take place. It should be indoors and dust-free. It should also have the right temperature. High temperatures can cause the wrap to overstretch and fall, while low temperatures will cause the vinyl to shrink and fall when exposed to high temperatures.
  • Last but not the least, the installation process should be seamless. The perfect car wrap design and superb print quality will all go to waste if the installer does not get this right. It takes patience, a steady hand and technique to wrap a car like a paint job.

As you can see, your design of the vehicle vinyl wrap is on top of the process. Without a good design, everything will not fall into place. No material will be chosen, no design to be printed and no installation to take place. That’s why the work of the designer is the most important. Communicate with your clients about what they want and what they don’t like. When you get their approval, only then you can proceed with the other steps.