Bring Your Car Wrap Designs to Life with Awesome Car Outlines

As a designer, car outlines play an important role in your work’s success. They don’t only save you a lot of time and energy. They also make sure that you create the best designs possible for every car model. That’s why it is best to find a car template provider that is reasonable and reliable. You will need to hire their services as well as that of a good printing shop to bring your car wrap designs to life.

Car outlines make your life as a designer simpler and easier. While it is still recommended that you check out the actual car, you can start on your designs earlier by just asking the model and type of your client’s vehicle. Just make sure that your car template provider has the latest vehicle outlines to avoid unnecessary reworks in the future.

Here are other reasons why vehicle outlines can make your work easier and faster:

  • There are various vehicle outlines in the market. Car template providers, such as SignSilo, have thousands of car templates in their library. Whatever model or type of vehicle you are working on, you will surely find an outline. Their galleries are usually updated up to the latest 2018 models.
  • Their car templates are precise. Since their libraries are updated even to the latest car models, you can be sure that you are getting precise and accurate measurements of your clients’ cars. Just be sure to ask if there are modifications to adjust your designs. If the surface of the car has been altered, be sure to check kit yourself to make the necessary adjustment.
  • Vehicle outlines are scaled. Car outlines from SignSilo are scaled in 1:20 scale for easy manipulation. You don’t have to make extraeffort to bring your designs to life.


  • Car templates are editable. Vehicle templates come in various formats. SignSilo’s outlines are available in CDR, AI, DXF and EPS formats. They are fully editable with most vector and image manipulation tools.
  • Car templates are ready to download and use. The best thing about vehicle outlines is that they save you a lot of time and effort from take the exact measurements yourself. They are ready to download and use anytime. All you have to do is open your editing app of choice and start working on your design.
  • They are cheap. Vehicle wrap templates do not cost much. Templates from SignSilo, for instance, can be bought for as low as $0.32 each. You can purchase them with a monthly or annual subscription, with the latter giving you the biggest discounts.

These are some of the reasons why car templates are a great aid to car wrap designers. They make the design process easier, which makes them a must-have for any design company and graphic designers. You can take your car wrap designs from your mind to your clients’ vehicles much faster and easier. Plus, you can show them your designs before printing them first – saving you a lot of time and energy from reworks.